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last post by DEVIN
on Mar 13 2017, 10:48 AM
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Fork in the road is an original supernatural role play with mystery elements. The information contained in this forum is considered mandatory reading by our staff. We want to make sure that you have a full understanding of the way our game works because some of our mechanisms differ from other role playing games of our type.

You will find everything you need to know in this forum, including our plot (updated every time a major event changes the plot lines) to the rules and our game mechanics. If you have questions, we have our cbox and the questions and answers forum (which is guest friendly) to make it easy for you to contact us!
last post by AVA
on May 3 2017, 07:56 PM
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Our administrators work especially hard to keep up with our members, and you'll find that we have some unusual (and positive, for you) policies in place that help to keep us all connected. We'd love it if you stopped in here regularly to check in with what's going on at Fork in the Road, because once in a while you may get a bonus for doing so, and we love giving out these little bonuses.

Failure to read announcements could result in the loss of rewards that you've earned, since we require you to claim them when you receive them. We don't typically PM people about their rewards -- to make sure you're reading.

Plot updates, Activity Checks, OTM information and Weekly Encouragement will all be found in their separate sub forums in here. Other announcements will be found in the main announcements board.
last post by DEVIN
on Mar 5 2017, 06:48 PM
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Do you need something taken care of on the board, or are you looking for a guest friendly forum to ask your questions in? You'll find everything you need in our helpful moderation forum. Please use the correct topic for your character moderation and your thread moderation and use the forms.

Inside, you'll find two sub-forums, one for open questions -- where guests can post their questions -- and one for completed questions, where we'll be moving all the questions that have been answered. You are asked to please use the form for all questions, which you'll find at the top of the page for your convenience.

last post by venn mohr
on May 3 2017, 06:21 PM
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Every character at Fork in the Road will need to have an application before the character can be brought into play. Our application process is not competitive, and we take applications and characters on a first come, first serve basis. Please remember to check the rules at the top of the pages in this forum before titling and describing your character's application so that we can make sure that you're filed correctly and that your accepted application goes where it belongs!

You'll find four forums inside of this one: Complete, Incomplete, Pending and Rejected. You won't be able to post in the Pending or Rejected applications sections, but please make sure to only put your incomplete applications in the Incomplete forum, then bump them when they're finished.
last post by LIMN
on May 2 2017, 03:15 AM
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Once your application is approved, your next step is to take care of claiming your face, doing our who's who? and our other relevant claims. The canon claim is also located here. If you've seen a canon you like, please make sure to claim it here! We do take reserves on faces and canons, so if you're going to spend more than a little bit of time working on your application, please make sure to reserve your face or canon character so that somebody else doesn't finish the same face or canon before you can! We work on a first come, first serve basis, so the first application for a particular canon or face is the one we'll accept, provided it passes muster.
last post by daniel moore
on Apr 27 2017, 08:00 PM
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The Canon Characters are requested here! Most characters have some sort of a need or another, whether it's a friend or an enemy or some other type of character to fit into a plot that you have in mind for your character. We not only allow, but ask that you please make your character requests. Be thorough and put a lot of information into your request, including plot ideas and how the character is connected into the existing plot or current main plot, and you're more likely to get a good response to your ad.

This forum is guest-friendly to allow guests to request to take on a requested character. We do respectfully ask that if you request a character you be prepared to thread with that character immediately following their acceptance. Making a request-taker wait can make them feel excluded, so be friendly!

You will find four sub-forums inside: Male, Female, Other and Mixed. Non-Binary characters should be placed in "other." Transgendered characters should be requested in the forum of the gender they identify with. Where gender doesn't matter, go with "other."

last post by bryn kavanagh
on May 2 2017, 09:29 AM
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Once your shipper has been accepted, it will be moved to this folder so that it can be used appropriately. We encourage our members to check their shippers at least once a day and to reply to all posts in the shipper. This helps to encourage activity and to get more stories going.

Please take note to keep your shipper up to date with your character's timeline and relationships, please!
last post by mara daubney
on Mar 10 2017, 04:34 PM
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You may request a board here in character development, so that you can use your board to create topics for developing your characters. We value character development on this site, and we want to see you work on progressing your character through the various means that we have available to us. Please see pinned topics to request a board and for information about the character sheets, questionnaires, and relationship surveys that we use.
last post by Chrissy
on Apr 30 2017, 01:30 PM
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We love to see our members work to get plots going on the site, and to that end we have provided the plotting center for you to use in order to work up group plots with other associated characters. Member plots may or may not affect the overall plot of the site: These are always an interesting gamble.

Feel free to use this forum for plotting with other group members when there is a site-wide event that affects your character(s).
last post by willow clarke
on Apr 21 2017, 04:10 AM
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We encourage all members to use thread trackers to keep track of their posts. This makes it easier to find replies and also encourages guests who are looking at want ads to check through the threads your character has already been in. You have a spot on your mini profile for a tracker as well, and we'd like to see everybody using these, even if they aren't mandatory. We've given you a template to use for your character's thread tracker, and we've done our best to make it nice to look at as well.

   The Store
last post by KRAKEN
on Apr 26 2017, 03:43 AM
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If you have credits to claim, this is the spot to do it. You'll find a pinned topic inside to let you know what you can claim credits for, along with a form to complete in order to obtain those credits which you're owed. Please keep in mind that not all credits are put into your account automatically and sometimes it takes the staff a couple of days to get to adding the credits to your account. Be patient with us! We'll make sure that the credits have been added in time for you to purchase what you need for reaping time.
last post by AVA
on Mar 7 2017, 09:59 PM
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Have some credits burning a hole in your pocket? This is where you can spend your credits! We do it this way in order to help us keep track of what everybody has going on in terms of their purchases. Make sure to purchase anything related to the reaping before the time of the reaping so that we can ensure that you have what you need before the final results are drawn up.

A file is contained inside with information about what you can buy.

last post by vincent clarke
on Apr 30 2017, 06:02 PM
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The main road that runs through Traitor's Bend is the center of town, where residents can stop to get a cup of coffee, talk with their friends or shop. Teenagers and grownups alike enjoy this space, though the teens of the small town seem to prefer to be in places they're less likely to encounter police officers intent on finding out what's going on in town. For them, it's better to hang out on the outskirts of town, even in the woods, rather than to worry about getting caught doing something they shouldn't. But the woods are dangerous, and the town is attempting to ban them from that area. Obedient teenagers are most likely to be found somewhere on Main Street.
last post by alexander kobayashi
on May 2 2017, 04:22 AM
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On the other side of town, separating Traitor's Bend from Burlington. The Avenue is the home to a host of strange activity and there have always been rumors floating around about women in white who wander this area and lure men into driving their cars off the road. Anyone driving down this road should be careful not to stop for hitchhikers. Car accidents on this road are common and drivers who cherish their lives should know that there are dangers of driving this stretch.

Please let an admin know if you wish to encounter a woman in white. We'll take care of working a thread out for your character.
last post by
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The police station has been a particularly active place recently due to the death of Michelle Freedman. Though some of the police officers in town believe that she was murdered by a human, others are determined to prove that it was an animal that killed her. Thanks to this recent buzz, the station is a happening place, with people popping in and out to find out if there's any news or whether or not they have something for the papers.

Unfortunately, the police don't seem to have any real leads on what happened to the Freedman girl. It seems that things are becoming hopeless. Will they be able to prevent another death in Traitor's Bend?
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Many good men have died in the fires around Traitor's Bend, lost in the flames in order to save the lives of those who would otherwise have passed before them. The spirits of the dead firemen are said to haunt this area, and sometimes at night you can hear cries through the eaves, which the townspeople say are the sounds of the firemen who died. Most of the men who spend their nights here laugh it off, but secretly they're all aware that there's something different about Traitor's Bend, and that perhaps the old legend and rumors have more credence to them than they'd once believed.

The firemen are helping to investigate and secure the woods following the recent death, and this seems to be a distraction from their real work. Will the whole town go up in flames while they're in the woods?
last post by colton mcdermott
on Apr 17 2017, 09:08 AM
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The veterinary office in Traitor's Bend is the home of the only animal shelter in town. Strangely, it has been filling up with a large number of creatures who have been brought in as strays or who have been injured in car accidents. Staff is confused about why all of these new animals are coming in right now, some of which are clearly from far outside of Traitor's Bend, or even outside of Vermont. Tags indicate that some of these dogs belong to deceased owners or people who live in distant states. What is going on with the animals in this small town? Is this one more element of the unfolding drama? There's no real way to know -- yet.
last post by vincent clarke
on Apr 30 2017, 05:27 PM
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The library of Traitor's Bend contains everything one would want to know about the lore of the town, but much of this lore is hidden within books that are either out of reach or written in languages that are no longer spoken in this part of Vermont. This is quite a vast building, and it's strangely easy to get lost within these walls. Rumors of ghosts have been reported, but nobody's been able to determine yet whether the old librarian who hung herself from the rafters really does haunt these walls.

last post by
on --
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These days the main office of Traitor's Bend High is rather busy. With the police coming in and out to interview students and the number of fights breaking out over accusations, the office is seeing a lot of traffic in and out. Between the police and the principal, there's always somebody here to deal with complaints, to field accusations of bullying, or take down the most recent theory about which student killed Michelle Freedman. All of it's been dead ends so far, however, and the principal is getting frustrated with the sheer number of people who want to pitch their theory into the pot. When will it end? It's hard to say, but the steady stream of students seems as though it goes on for miles.
last post by
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Rumor has it that the answers to everything the teenagers of Traitor's Bend want to know is located in the school library. Teachers have been saying so for years, and with Michelle Freedman's death, the library has become a happening spot as students begin to research the various animals that could have done the deed. So far nothing seems to quite match what they're finding, and the frustrated students are threatening to riot if they don't start to get answers either in the library or from the police department. Have their teachers been lying all these years about the amount of knowledge located in the library? Maybe it's there, if only you know where to look.
last post by daniel moore
on Apr 30 2017, 01:51 PM
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Rumors fly in the hallways of Traitor's Bend High School. As the students pass one another in the halls, whispers of "Dexter" can be heard as peers poke fun at their crazy classmate, Calvin Daubney. Other suspects hear similar, and the gossip that runs through the halls is intense and fast-moving. Everyone has a theory, and they are none more popular than in the hallways. Lockers are spray painted and students talk and fight among themselves about who they should be avoiding.

The hallways are a battle ground, but who's going to win the battle, let alone the war? Will Calvin Daubney come out on top, or will there be another suspect arising to the surface?
last post by
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Even the teachers have their theories, and now that it's been decided to keep the school running, many of them are using their classrooms in order to get their students out proving their theories. From biology assignments to study up on certain types of animal to learning about forensics, the students are being turned into detectives in their classrooms.

Whether the principal will allow this long-term or not is questionable, but for right now there's not much that he can do to stop the teachers from exploring their own theories.

last post by peter lowell
on Apr 17 2017, 07:04 AM
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Old Town is, as the name would suggest, the older part of town. Many of the heritage families live here, and have lived here for generations. Those who don't live here often choose to take up a cabin in the wood.

Otherwise, these houses are very nice, established, and often quite large and spacious for the families who live in them.
last post by cooper norton
on Apr 17 2017, 04:23 PM
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New Town is the area of Traitor's Bend where most of the returning families live. Those who have left and come back usually live in this part of town, and the houses here are a bit more middle class than the larger homes located in Old Town, but they are solid and sturdy for the families who live in this area. New Town and Old Town are both backed by the woods, which means that these homes have the forest at their backs, basically in their back yards.
last post by tyler preston
on Apr 12 2017, 06:42 PM
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The down town area is where the poorer families mong the newcomer lineages generally live. This area is populated by dense apartments and some smaller houses as well. Most people don't want to live in Downtown if they can avoid it, but there are still a few families who don't have any option but to live in this area, no matter how much they'd prefer to have better housing.
last post by
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Uptown is the better area for the newest families in town. Most of the Burell lineage live here, but all in all, Uptown is where then nicer apartments and small homes are, and the people who live here generally have quite a bit of money to spend in rent or on a mortgage. These are very nice homes and convenient to most of the facilities in town.

   The Woods
last post by jayden woods
on Mar 27 2017, 07:46 PM
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Most of the residents of Traitor's Bend don't dare to travel further than the treeline for fear of encountering whatever it is that killed Michelle Freedman. This has turned into a popular spot for people who want to speculate and explore but who are afraid to venture too far into the woods. Small groups of teens can often be found here and the area is frequently littered with beer cans and food waste as a result of the frequent parties that take place here.

As time goes on, however, more and more people are growing bolder and more willing to head into the woods to find out what's lurking out there. The few people who have gone in have returned, so might not others survive? The treeline is becoming abandoned in favor of more interesting places.
last post by byron james
on Mar 28 2017, 07:02 PM
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The running trails are currently shut down because of the death of Michelle Freedman. She is believed to have been killed near one of these trails and the police advise everyone to stay off of the trails and out of the woods. Ordinarily this is a place where the track team can regularly go out for runs while still being able to go through a more interesting space, but for the time being they're going to have to use the track at the school or other places to practice.

Hunters are in this area regularly scoping for the beast believed to have killed the teen, so runners are particularly advised to wear bright colors if they wish to break the law.
last post by cooper norton
on Apr 16 2017, 12:09 PM
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The creek that runs through the woods dries up nearly every summer, but in the spring and sometimes in the wetter falls it runs all the way from Lake Champlain. Residents aren't sure where the creek goes, but it's long been a fun place for children to catch tadpoles in the spring or to creek walk in while the water is higher before it dries up in the summers. This has been a particularly wet winter, however, and the town is anticipating the creek remaining wet throughout the summer season.

Hikers are advised to avoid the creek as animals often come here for water and they may put themselves at risk of being eaten like Michelle Freedman was.
last post by rose clarke
on Apr 11 2017, 03:05 PM
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Everyone who was ever a teenager in Traitor's Bend knows about the old stone cabin deep in the woods. Nobody knows how long it's been there, just that it's terribly clean on the inside for something so old and that sometimes they can't find it, even when they follow the same path. There's never anything inside, but it never seems to collect dust, either. While it's clear that somebody is cleaning the cabin, it's also clear that it isn't lived in. This is a mysterious place the children and teens of the town love to explore but fear being in when the light grows dim and the wind begins to howl through the trees. Some believe that this place is haunted. Others believe it's the entire woods.
last post by quin hawkins
on Apr 23 2017, 04:44 PM
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Near where the old stone cottage is most often seen is a rickety bridge that once crossed over the stream. From the size of the bridge, one would assume the stream was once a full-sized tributary of a greater river, or perhaps the engineers were simply a bit overzealous in their design of the bridge. It's not dangerous, as the drop from the bridge is only a few feet, but a few kids have broken their ankles out here. A legend surrounds the bridge, a tale of trolls and their tolls, but nobody believes those old stories anyway.

Or do they? Now that things are getting strange in Traitor's Bend, people are starting to wonder.
last post by alexander kobayashi
on May 2 2017, 04:04 AM
6 topics 25 posts
Few people are brave enough to venture into the deep woods (though there are some, as this is where Michelle Freedman's body was found). Stories of voices wailing through the night and of cursed land go back so many generations that nobody can quite trace the roots of these legends, and nobody really wants to find out if there's some truth to them, either. Somewhere in the deep woods, caverns have been carved out of the earth and those who wish to go exploring enough will find a series of cairns of mysterious origins. It's not recommended to go removing the stones from the cairns, however. Everyone knows the legends about Indian burial grounds. These are best left alone.

last post by POSTY
on May 2 2017, 04:47 AM
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All new members are asked to introduce themselves to our community. Staff introductions have been pinned to make them easy to find for our members, and we've provided an introduction template for you to use to introduce yourself.

Additionally, if you need to be away for more than a week, we like to know what's going on with you. Please use the comings forum for your introductions and the goings forum for your absences or when you leave.

We have a topic in the goings forum to keep track of anybody on hiatus.
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Looking for a fun diversion from whatever else you're doing on the forum? Stop in here! Post your games or participate in a game that somebody else has posted! You can get awards for playing games, so participate as much as you want or as much as you can. We love to have fun around here!
last post by KRAKEN
on Apr 20 2017, 09:30 AM
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Want somewhere to hang out between posts? Come join us in the Out of Character discussion, where you can talk about anything you'd like to talk about, in thread form! Not everybody's comfortable with the cbox, so this is a way for everybody else to get involved in talking to one another. Your threads in this forum can be absolutely about you, and you can take center stage in your own threads, while the cbox is intended to be a safe place for everybody to talk to one another in the open.

Just remember that all of the rules apply to this forum the same as they apply anywhere else on the site. Be nice to one another and considerate of the feelings of other people. No drama! You can make it all about you in here, but no suicide threats or passive aggressive bullying.

last post by Sel
on Nov 25 2017, 09:52 PM
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If we have not posted a link on your forum, please post your advertisement here. Whether you use [align=center] or [center] on your board, place your advertisement here and we'll figure it out. You can use either [align=center] or [center] on our board because of custom bbcodes. When we've returned your link, we'll move your link to the accepted forum and you'll be allowed to bump it any time your ad goes to the second page.
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Once we've linked back on your site, we'll move your ad to this forum. You'll be allowed to bump your ad every time it goes to the second page. If we've linked on your forum, this is the place to put your advertisement on our site. We appreciate doing business with you, and wish you the best of luck with your role playing game!

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